Tips For Playing The Great Whale Road Game

Tips For Playing The Great Whale Road Game

The Great Whale Road is a kind of narrated role-playing game developed by the Sunburned Games. The Great Whale Road is mostly about Vikings and attempting to be a decent Viking–you command a group of Vikings, and your task, if you undertake it, is to guide their community to prosper. All through the game, you will have to maintain your brave group of Nordic swindlers safe and sound while coping with a range of deadly challenges. The game combines the element of telling a story and managing capitals.

Follow the tips below to successfully complete the initial stages of the game.


Positioning the warriors and decision making

During combat, the placement of the warriors is critical. Each warrior has a unique specialization as well as a special weapon. It is up to you to decide how and with what weapons to place the warriors so that your clan takes minor damage and deals more harm to its adversaries.

Choice of weapon

With a spear, you’ll have a more extended range to use for stopping tactics, which means you’ll be ready to attack enemies as they approach. You can also move and do things at any time. As a result, if the enemies move in to attack you, they will instead be ambushed from each direction. When they come into range, they will be attacked once again.

Planning combat strategies

One of the most significant aspects of the game is combat. Combat is necessary, mainly when using blunt weapons. In the game, blunt weapons are very effective. It aids in the removal of defense points early. Taking out the defense point is something you should accomplish right away. If you can’t get rid of the defense points, go for the piercings, which push through and deal at minimum one damage, and then the slashings later.

Managing the village

Managing the village

After the war, village management is also an essential aspect of the game. Make sure you have quite enough food to last you through the winter, as well as some trade products. Hunting, for example, can provide animal skins that you can trade for food. Husbandry, on the other hand, will provide you with cattle.

Change the planning system

The hamlet will undoubtedly reach a point where it has enough of everything. There is, however, always the opportunity to upgrade the setting. Take hunting as an example. If you want to enhance your hunting skills, you’ll need equipment such as gear and ropes. You must perform specific objectives and trade missions to enhance your equipment.

Check to see if you’ve written down everything you need to update. Attempt to obtain upgrades throughout your trade missions so that you can enhance the tools during the next population assignment session.

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