Everything Needed To Know About The Game: The Great Whale Game

Everything Needed To Know About The Game: The Great Whale Game

The Great Whale Road game has recently gained popularity due to its stunning visuals and exciting gameplay. If you want to learn more about the game, you can find it all in this post.

About the Developer

Sunburned Games is a small indie firm comprised of four members working on ‘The Great Whale Road.’ The members are situated in Valencia, a city filled with both culture and beauty. The goal is to produce customized gameplay encounters that are historically accurate and have compelling storytelling.



There are several episodes to play in the game; each titled a different journey. At the start of the game, players will display the culture from which they choose to play. The game will show you all of the cultural details so you can make an informed decision. The game will begin with a narration explaining the story’s context on which the game is based.

The game will then begin at a beach home with a few cottages, where you will be asked to choose a community leader who will be in charge of training the warriors in the community to fight in the winter war. You will next be required to take an oath with the new leader you have chosen.

As you progress through the game, you will meet the clan and discuss the work they will accomplish. Each work represents something that will benefit the clan as a whole. When winter arrives, and it is finally time to fight, the game will advance. The seasons will change in the game, with distinct responsibilities for each.

The game generally works as follows: you are meant to develop a plan at the start of the year. You have to endure in the winter. Then there’s rating season in the spring and summer when you get to go out in the boat and have a final meeting.

As a result, the gameplay keeps repeating itself with the same situations.


The Great Whale Road worked to develop a one-of-a-kind and challenging action environment that mixes turn-based warfare, narrative position, and historical modeling. To play it, the game is divided into chapters and sections that capture all of those features. Furthermore, the interaction makes a participant looking disconnected, with the various sorts of action appearing muddled and not strongly affecting one another. This does not imply that any of the elements are mediocre, but rather that they are not as well linked as they may be.


The main problem with the fight is that it is way overly lengthy. The initial bouts in The Great Whale Road act as a training and are challenging to accomplish. You realize you’re expecting to win, but the game won’t allow you to skip it. The motion is prolonged, and the strikes take an eternity.

Furthermore, every battle lasts roughly five minutes, and given that the result of these battles affects far less than the steps you take about wounded passengers, these episodes soon become tedious. The AI appears to just target your captain and is difficult to defend because the AI can frequently target two areas at a time.

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