What the Gaming Industry Can Teach Technology About the Ultimate in UX

What the Gaming Industry Can Teach Technology About the Ultimate in UX

In 2017, the global gaming industry earned an amazing $108.9 billion, and 2018 appears as though worldwide figures will top the previous year’s historic high. Although that isn’t the biggest industry in the world, it is an industry 100% reliant on the user experience, UX, and this is why any company seeking to capture an audience would do well to learn how gaming sets the stage for the ultimate in UX within the field of technology. There are, in fact, three key areas in gaming which are of vital importance to gamers and that would be graphics, sound, and speed. If you take a closer look at each of those components, you will see how any tech-related marketing could use this approach.

The Importance of UX to Google

Just a few short years ago, Google put into play a whole new set of algorithms based on the UX. Mobilegeddon was Google’s response to making the Internet user-friendly to a highly mobile audience. Since most people now access the Internet from mobile devices, Google decided only to globally rank those sites which were responsive. Any website looking to capture a mobile market would need to provide a site which could be viewed and easily accessed by even the tiniest of screens in order to be listed in the Mobile SERPs. When mobile phones and other devices are reviewed on sites like digitizd, you can be sure the UX will be highly dependent on a mobile experience as well. Bear in mind that gamers aren’t always at home in front of a console and so games must be developed which can also be played easily while mobile.

How Does Sound Factor In?

When at home, the one thing gamers will always have is a set of top-rated surround sound speakers for their PC. What good is an action game without all the sounds that give it a lifelike quality? All the tires screeching, the horns blaring, the bombs exploding and the warriors clashing steel on steel provide a more realistic UX. Unfortunately, the lack of high-quality sound can be a death sentence to an otherwise superior game. Here again, reviews on sites like speakerxpert can allow gamers to find the best set of speakers for gaming and designed in such a way as to avoid distortion.

Speed and Response Times in Technology

Just as in the world of gaming, a hi-tech app should have superior speed and response times. Any amount of lag will affect how the app is viewed. Today’s consumer wants lightning-fast speed and is willing to pay a premium price for games and apps that perform to their expectations. Along with cool graphics and amazing sound bites, a marketing app that includes high-speed technology is going to own that respective market. It’s altogether too easy to lose a visitor if they can’t access what they want within milliseconds. This is the ultimate reason behind most instances of shopping cart abandonment and one you can easily remedy by giving users a fast and friendly experience they have come to expect.

When it comes to marketing any kind of product or service whatsoever, technology will be at the heart of your strategy. From apps designed to elicit responses from the audience (engagement) to online video demos, the success of any marketing campaign will be dependent on the use of technology. With that in mind, marketing technology would do well to model itself after the world of gaming. It’s all about UX and who better to set the stage than game developers? They know what it takes to captivate an audience and that’s how marketing should utilize technology to capture and retain today’s consumer.


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