Joachim: Co-Founder & Writer

Joachim had the idea for The Great Whale Road a while back, and after many years managing global software projects he decided to do something people will hopefully enjoy. His key responsibility is to ensure the team's happiness, so The Great Whale Road will become the game we envision it to be. 

Joachim enjoys long walks on the beach, historical fiction (as long as it includes sufficient levels of violence) and of course playing video games (he is a PC purist). Joachim is married to Birgit, so despite being the CEO he habitually follows orders. 

Birgit- Co-Founder & Comptroller of All things financial

Birgit is our CFO and slightly reluctant chief marketeer. She will tell anyone who asks (or not) that she really wanted to extend her sabbatical from the world of global finance. Tough luck - It is a big boat, grab an oar and row.

Birgit ensures that salaries are paid on time, and exciting things like working capital are in place when they are needed. Birgit enjoys hanging by the pool, Pizza (a lot) and playing with our six cats.

Mary Kenney - Writer

Mary found us on Twitter and is now writing character quests for The Great Whale Road.

Axel - Tech Lead

Axel is our fearless tech lead, and he also designed the card combat system. His game credits include: lead game developer of "Dungeon Legends" and gameplay programmer of “Toni Hawk's Shred Session”, “Hungry Shark Evolution”, “Little Raiders”, “My Dragoni by Panini”,  designer & programmer of “The Last Dance” (which received honourable mention at the Independent Game Festival 2010). He comes equipped with degrees in computer science, software engineering and game design.

Axel enjoys virtual reality, football, God of War III and Monkey Island. 

Paloma - 2D Artist & Graphic Designer

Paloma is one of our 2D artists, who really make the magic happen here at Sunburned Games. Before joining us she studied graphic design and afterwards she earned a master in video game art. When she is not hugging her dogs or tries to exterminate cockroaches (we think that she isn't very good at it) she plays Naughty Dog games.

After the alien invasion you can shoot her on sight if she wears pink and eats chocolate, as the real Paloma wouldn't do either. The real Paloma loves Pizza, Pokémon, her two dogs, as well as her boyfriend.   

Sergio - Lead Artist

Sergio is 2D artist and resident animator. When he doesn't add blood and gore to our character concepts, he is busy making those pesky ship crews row. Sergio has a degree in fine arts, with specialization in animation and graphic design.

Sergio is head game connoisseur here at Sunburned Games, he owns 511 games across current and antique platforms and has finished 347 of them. Kudos. When somebody has hidden his controller he also enjoys long bike rides in the Valencian sun. 

Ana - 2D Artist

Ana is the master of props. For a while she was our 'tree lady', because she really draws marvellous trees.  


Kevin was our contract art director extraordinaire, who after ten days here in Valencia helped us to get started from somewhere around Bristol. He has nineteen years experience as a video game artist (plus a few more in comic books). His game credits include: 'The Simpsons Tapped Out', 'Gunstringer: Dead Man Running', 'South Park: Tenorman's Revenge', 'Alien vs Predator', 'Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron', 'AvP: Requiem', 'LEGO Soccer Mania', 'Mercury Meltdown', 'Conflict: Desert Storm', 'Warzone 2100' and 'XCom Apocalypse'. He helped the team define the art style and now makes sure that we stay true to it as well as on schedule.

Kevin discovered at an early age that he liked to make scribbly cartoon marks on paper, and since then he immatured into a much larger, bulkier version of that same person. Kevin enjoys vegetarian food, creating children's books and sunshine. He also enjoys playing mobile games, but relies on his kids to do the tricky bits for him.

Johnny - Unity Developer

Johnny is one of our Unity developers as well as our AI simulation on 'Easy'. We don't think that he has won a single game during paper prototype testing. Before joining Sunburned Games he has collaborated on a number of indie game projects using Unity and Unreal. In between he also found the time to study computer engineering.

Johnny enjoys romantic comedies, rock & metal and living close to the Mediterranean. His favorite games are Monkey Island, Zelda and every single installment of Final Fantasy.

Pablo - Unity Developer

Pablo is having his finger in many pies, from refactoring over tools to changing our event system.

Alex - Unity Developer

Alex worked with us to get the Steam Early Access version ready.

Lance - Junior Designer

Lance worked among other things on our combat design, looked after data, and supported our testing efforts.

Belén - Research Intern

Belén was our history researcher at the start of the project, who ensured that we didn't lose sight of historical accuracy. She is currently studying history at the University of Valencia and has been involved in many local research projects. 

Belén enjoys long hikes through the Valencian campo, archaeological excavations and making cup cakes.