How to Provide a Comfortable Work Environment for Game Developers

How to Provide a Comfortable Work Environment for Game Developers

Game developers are a different crew to website developers or other types of coders. They’re an eclectic bunch including graphics designers, modelers for figures within a game, musicians for background music, game dynamic specialists, and story creators.

Given that game developers are creators and gamers at heart, they require a different kind of work environment than a typical office worker. Here are a few suggestions on how to set up an office suitable for them.

Expansive Desks

Desks must be expansive to allow space for them to move around. No game developer wants to feel like they’re crammed into a cubicle. Because some developers now work remotely, the ones that work in an office need to not feel restricted by it. Due to this, it’s best to have an open plan layout in the office.

Bear in mind that several developers will sometimes get together to look at what’s on the screen and discuss it. The seating area needs to be wide enough to accommodate several visitors all looking in the direction of the LED display monitor; not the traditional worker facing out over the desk and the visitor looking inwards in the opposite direction.

Dual or Tri-Display Monitor Setups

Any game developer worth their salt is going to need a dual monitor or triple monitor display setup. This allows them to work faster because they don’t have to keep minimizing applications to get information from the app they require. Monitors can be set up on supporting arms to position each monitor off the desk, providing more desk space.

Look for monitors that support 4K Ultra HD at a minimum. There are some 6K and 8K monitors out now too. They might be more than is currently required for game developers, but consider the future too. Choose monitors that have a high color gamut accuracy based on Adobe RGB so the graphics they see are as close to photo realistic as possible.

Quality Headset

With an open plan office layout, noise is going to be a problem. You can use sound reduction floor tiles to minimize that, but they only can do so much.

Equipping every developer with a Dolby 7.1 surround sound headphone set is the best bet. It will give them reliable sound quality that helps with seeing how the game performs from an audio perspective. Things like directional sound to hear the footsteps of an intruder rapidly approaching require divided audio channels to get a proper sense of direction.

Wi-Fi Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Consider getting individual Wi-Fi Temperature & Humidity Sensors from They can provide an accurate temperature and humidity reading in the office. Most models have a mobile app to monitor the readings when off-site too. The last thing you need is sensitive game developers complaining that it’s either too hot or too cold in the office to work.

When setting your office up right, it’s going to be a welcoming place for game developers to come to work. When they have the right tools and a comfortable temperature to work in, they’re going to be at their most productive.

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