How will the game play?

  • After selecting a culture and its playable settlement the player manages an annual cycle consisting of a two seasons:
    • Summer is the sailing season, when a warband is selected and sent on a mission. This is the time to discover new locations, stories and trade.
    • Winter is spent at the home settlement and is the season for planning and management decisions. 
  • Characters have fixed classes, roles and attributes. Roles are aligned to the characters' backgrounds - for example warrior, boat builder, hunter or priest. While character attributes and classes cannot be changed, it is possible to modify armour sets and weapons. As a character level up their health, endurance and disposition thresholds can be upgraded.    
  • Characters earn renown by completing their quest objectives, combat and trading.
  • The seafaring game is real-time. There are seasons and day-night cycles. 
  • Tactical turn-based combat