Best RPG Games you can Play

Best RPG Games you can Play

Have you ever wished you were someone else at least for a day? Well, you can make that dream come true by playing your favourite role play games. RPG games are some of the best places for you to explore and be whoever you want. Be it exploring stories or making tales of our own, RPG games brings you to a world of adventure and entertainment. So hop on board as it is time to look at all the RPG games you can be playing right now. Our team has compiled some of the best RPG games and check out all of them so that you don’t miss out on any good ones.

The Witcher 3:

The Witcher 3 is one of the best RPG games out there. It is something which anyone would play for hours and hours. The game has a lot of engaging content, and you also get to play a variety of roles. The monster hunter role makes you feel like a wandering samurai. The game allows you to either forward the quest and save the land or offer services for dealing with monsters. The game is filled with magic portions and superhuman skills which can be used as per your play style. The combat in the Witcher 3 is also brilliant, and you will be facing so many adventures as you play.



Pillars of Eternity:

Pillars of eternity is one exceptional RPG game. The game has brilliant writing, and you have all sorts of adventure added to it. Every single part of the game is crafted with so much care and detail. The gameplay includes religion, class warfare, philosophy, combat etc. Ever single region you see in the map is filled with problems for you to solve and you will have all sorts of adventures which will thrill you.

Runescape 3:

The game is extremely simple and has great accessibility. You get, and you are also provided with quality voice dialogue. The game is available in both paid and free version. Most of the great content is hidden behind the paid content, but the free content is also engaging and fun to play. The combat in the game is quite humorous, and you also have lots of adventures.


Persona 5:

Persona 5 is a brilliant RPG game, and the story is based in the city of Tokyo. You have the play the role of a high school student. You will find yourself as a part of the phantom thieves where you will have to infiltrate dungeons to corrupt a person’s heart. The game, however, isn’t all about dungeons. You being a high school student have to attend classes, hang out with friends and also have a part-time job. The city of Tokyo which is shown in the game quite realistic and it clearly depicts how a metropolitan world would be.

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