January Development Update

January Development Update

February is nearly upon us, thus it is time to reflect on the start of 2016.  So while I was busy with exciting tasks like updating the budget our artists took our character art to the next level. A few of you mentioned that you weren’t overly keen on the flat character tokens, so we changed that.

It only took around a week for the team to update the existing characters. Some of them underwent bigger changes than others, as we had to change poses and align the height across all of them.

The new miniature style tokens are slightly less detailed than the previous ones, and we will supplement them with detailed character portraits on management screens and cards.

After we had redone the characters for the combat scenes, we spent the last 2 weeks in pre-production.  There were designs to complete and review, and we had to make a lot of decisions around how we will represent travel and exploration in the game. As most of you will know, we weren’t successful on Kickstarter. This means that we have to make the most of our existing funds, and we had to find creative solutions to achieve the same results at a lower cost. And I think we are on track to achieve that.

But we still need more manpower, and our third developer will start on the first of February. In the meantime our tool development team of one has completed our data management client for our designer. We are looking forward to his tears of joy when he no longer has to edit raw JSON files.

Next week we’ll start our first production sprint of 2016, and to streamline our processes we have started using Assembla. The aim is to mature our workflows to ensure we are prepared for Early Access and increased demand on our small team.

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