Development Update - June

Hello Everyone!

I am starting with the important stuff - we have decided to move the Early Access date to the end of July. A game in this phase of development can do with every hour of work it can get, and rushing things in the face of E3 and the upcoming Steam summer sale didn't seem reasonable.

On the way I also did a bit of rescoping to give myself more writing time, as I am not Stephen King and other studio stuff will always encroach on my schedule. After six months I was finally smart enough to realise that and to plan accordingly.

The adventure will start with 'Episode 1' of the Danes, while we will continue to add features and content. We'll unavoidably run into August, when most of our team will take some well deserved time off. Therefore the second part of the Danish story will follow at the end of the summer - as long as the end of September still counts as summer. We would also like to have the first part of our Northumbrian story ready by then, but I am not swearing an Óðinn oath on that just yet.

If you are in Barcelona at the end of June you can meet us at Gamelab, which is still the place to chat about indie games in Spain (or so I have been told by the cool kids). In August we will be at Gamescom in Köln, but due to affordability you will require access to the business area if you want to stare at our tiny stand in awe. We simply couldn't afford a place in the public entertainment area. Even so the costs have swallowed a major chunk of our marketing budget. But if you don't have a press pass or similar and are in Köln at the time give us a shout. We will be happy to organise a show & tell Bratwurst eating contest! Because there is always time for Bratwurst.

Development and art have done great work while I have stumbled through the storyline and refined the style of events. The objective is to make all the writing in the game immersive and fitting the historical game world, even if this sometimes means that events have to be thrown away and rewritten.

Our next mini-milestones are the setup of the Steam store page and the production of our gameplay trailer - both due in the first week of July. And as tradition demands, I am asking you to follow us on Twitter and Facebook: @WhaleRoadGame and The Great Whale Road. If you are really keen you can try to find us on Tumblr and Instagram as well.

Every time you decide to share one of our Facebook posts or retweet one of our tweets you expose The Great Whale Road to a wider audience, including your nan and that bloke you are pretty certain you have never met before. Everyone matters and your grandmother might enjoy an historical story-driven tactical RPG. 

Thanks for reading this to the very end! +5 Renown


Joachim @ Sunburned Games