May bugs and loads of other stuff

Hi Everyone,

This is not a post about the common cockchafer (seriously, who came up with this name?) beetle, but about our progress and the plans for the few remaining weeks until Steam early access. 

Let's start with the area we have posted the least about to date: writing. As the main writer on the project I had to shift some time from other areas to get the main story for the Danes ready to be integrated. Like during any creative project of this kind there were discussions about plot, characters' motivations, historical authenticity and more. There was a bit of drama, angry wine drinking, followed by the realisation that we don't have any time to waste. So I got on with it. As most of our narrative structure is quite modular and built around events, I was able to rewrite and reconnect the different pieces relatively quickly. We don't want to release too much upfront, for obvious spoiler reasons. Thus I decided to write a short story set in the historical world of The Great Whale Road. It is a prequel to a character story in the game, and we will publish it in three parts from now until the start of early access. You can read the first one here

Development is never getting enough credit either, so they are next. The team has created all the scenes, from the winter management screens to the sailing season with side-scrolling and location screens. We also have a working AI now, nothing fancy but functional. Localisation was changed and changed again, and I am confident that it will not be a total pain to work with going forward.


Last but not least the artists. They have done a good job as well, and you can see some of their work above. But there is plenty of stuff left to do. The side-scrolling artwork is more or less done now, but we still have a lot of settlements to draw. They consist of three components: backgrounds, a middle (extending the setting) and the location itself with the actual functionality (blacksmith, trader, hall, shipbuilder and so on). You won't be able to access the whole map from the start of early access, but even half of the map is a challenge for a team of our size.

If you keep an eye on our Facebook page then you will have seen that we surpassed 1,111 likes last week. And if you haven't liked us yet, who is stopping you? Tell us where they live and we'll take care of it.


Joachim @ Sunburned Games