March Development Update - Props and Game Loops

So you are curious what we did this month? OK, let's start with our achievements for March.

  1. We survived the Ides of March without any stabbings at the studio.
  2. We have put in the plumbing (the game's, the studio luckily had all services from the start). All the parts of the game are connected now, and we will spend another week making sure everything flushes properly. After that we will start polishing and adding content. What does this mean? Mainly it means that we can start a journey at the main settlement, select a location on the world map and arrive at the selected destination. Most of it doesn't look pretty yet and a bit empty, thus content addition and overall beautification is planned to start in the next sprint. 
  3. We overcame a short relapse into pre-production when we redesigned how the location screens will look like.
  4. We have completed the event system, and implemented the functionality to create sailing as well as location events.
  5. Ana, our third artist, joined the team and is busy drawing props for the settlement and location screens.
  6. We reached +900 likes on Facebook! Our next target is 1,000 likes, obviously.

And what didn't go so well, you ask? Full disclosure - we are behind schedule. Not by much, but enough to push back our Early Access date by a few weeks. My personal aim was to launch before the start of the EURO 2016, but it looks like I will miss a few of the first games. I can promise that we will not launch on the 18th of June, as Austria plays against Portugal that day.

I have started looking for a PR partner to help us raise the visibility of The Great Whale Road before, during and after the launch. This year it looks like at least one great game launches on Steam every week, so making sure people know that The Great Whale Road exists will need some work, too. You can help as well - share our Facebook posts, and entertain your spouses with snippets of early medieval history!


Joachim @ Sunburned Games