February Development Update - A New UI

Update & New User Interface

We certainly haven't been idle since the last update! We found and hired a third developer - Alex - who joined the fyrd at the beginning of the month and really hit the ground running. We have also started testing potentials to support our art team, as we need one more 2D artist to ensure we can hit our production deadlines on the road to and during Steam Early Access.

Looking back

We have made progress in a lot of areas - across design, art and development - but the most visible is (not surprisingly) the new UI. We started last year with a textile style, utilising historical colours and patterns.

The next evolutionary step was to add more colours, but we were quite conservative saturation wise.

Reviewing the Options

While we were creating the first land scenes (settlements and combat maps) we realized that we needed to update the UI of The Great Whale Road in turn. We did a few sketches, some more minimalistic than others:

The New Design

The dark UI of option three was our favourite, but we didn't want pop-ups and other UI elements to block out the respective scenes. This led us to the final design with transparent windows, which you can see below:

We continue to use historical patterns and we also replaced some of the straight lines for a more organic look & feel. Additionally we are adding illustrations to all the transition screens, which will follow the same design guidelines as the user interface.

We really think that the new UI and other elements we are working on are coming together nicely, and we are as always looking forward to your feedback. 

- Joachim @ Sunburned Games