Greenlit & Kickstarter

After a few weeks focussing primarily on Kickstarter, Steam Greenlight, and Indie DB, I am returning to updating this blog.

We started our Greenlight and Kickstarter campaigns on the 17th of November. The Greenlight was running well from the start, and we were 90% on the way into the top 100 after a few days. We met some awesome people on Steam and joined a handful of groups to advertise our Greenlight campaign. We were Greenlit after 8 days, which puts us into a good position as we can publish The Great Whale Road on Steam independently, if we decide to do so.

The Kickstarter started slowly. After two press releases, around 300 direct emails at targeted press outlets and 800 personal emails, we founders sent out to friends and former colleagues, we reached 20% funding. Without a large increase of backer numbers we will not be able to reach our funding goal, and that looks unlikely as I am writing this. We haven't thrown the towel, but we are focusing on community building and producing content updates to maximize the visibility The Great Whale Road gets out there.

We were a few days late publishing our development combat demo, but we managed to release it before the campaign is over. ;) As the demo is a snapshot of development, there are some placeholders and the different screens needed explanation as they were not within the context of a complete game. We incorporated the feedback, which we received in the first days, and released a version with UI enhancements last week.

We also noticed issues with low specification PCs and network latencies, and made the networking implementation on our side more robust. We had relied on Photon, a cloud networking provider for gaming, to take care of this, but this is not the case. This version has been tested for the last few days, and will be made available today. You can download it from here.

We introduced new content, and are working on mercenary & special characters as well. The most popular additions were the Picts.

We will use the remaining weeks before Christmas to lay the foundations for an optimal start into the new year. We are reviewing the game design, catching up on concept art and are replanning the roadmap to Early Access.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us on Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter over the last few weeks.


Joachim @ Sunburned Games