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Axel is our fearless contract leader of all things tech, and he also designed the card combat system. His game credits include: lead game developer of “Dungeon Legends” and gameplay programmer of “Toni Hawk’s Shred Session”, “Hungry Shark Evolution”, “Little Raiders”, “My Dragoni by Panini”,  designer & programmer of “The Last Dance” (which received honourable mention at the Independent Game Festival 2010).

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As development on The Great Whale Road is going full speed ahead towards Steam Early Access the development preview was getting outdated very quickly. As we are the small team we have therefore decided to focus our efforts and removed the downloads of the developer preview.


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You earn experience by exploring, trading, combat as well as by completing quests.

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The combat system is tactical turn-based for both sea and land battles.

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Characters are represented as cards, which are upgraded as the player’s character and crew gain experience and renown.

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Multiplayer arena where players can match their crews against each other.

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How to Provide a Comfortable Work Environment for Game Developers

Game developers are a different crew to website developers or other types of coders. They’re an eclectic bunch including graphics designers, modelers for figures within a game, musicians for background music, game dynamic specialists, and story creators.

Given that game developers are creators and gamers at heart, they require a different kind of work environment than a typical office worker. Here are a few suggestions on how to set up an office suitable for them.

Expansive Desks

Desks must be expansive to allow space for them to move around. No game developer wants to feel like they’re crammed into a cubicle. Because some developers now work remotely, the ones that work in an office need to not feel restricted by it. Due to this, it’s best to have an open plan layout in the office.

Bear in mind that several developers will sometimes get together to look at what’s on the screen and discuss it. The seating area needs to be wide enough to accommodate several visitors all looking in the direction of the LED display monitor; not the traditional worker facing out over the desk and the visitor looking inwards in the opposite direction.

Dual or Tri-Display Monitor Setups

Any game developer worth their salt is going to need a dual monitor or triple monitor display setup. This allows them to work faster because they don’t have to keep minimizing applications to get information from the app they require. Monitors can be set up on supporting arms to position each monitor off the desk, providing more desk space.

Look for monitors that support 4K Ultra HD at a minimum. There are some 6K and 8K monitors out now too. They might be more than is currently required for game developers, but consider the future too. Choose monitors that have a high color gamut accuracy based on Adobe RGB so the graphics they see are as close to photo realistic as possible.

Quality Headset

With an open plan office layout, noise is going to be a problem. You can use sound reduction floor tiles to minimize that, but they only can do so much.

Equipping every developer with a Dolby 7.1 surround sound headphone set is the best bet. It will give them reliable sound quality that helps with seeing how the game performs from an audio perspective. Things like directional sound to hear the footsteps of an intruder rapidly approaching require divided audio channels to get a proper sense of direction.

Wi-Fi Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Consider getting individual Wi-Fi Temperature & Humidity Sensors from temperaturesensei. They can provide an accurate temperature and humidity reading in the office. Most models have a mobile app to monitor the readings when off-site too. The last thing you need is sensitive game developers complaining that it’s either too hot or too cold in the office to work.

When setting your office up right, it’s going to be a welcoming place for game developers to come to work. When they have the right tools and a comfortable temperature to work in, they’re going to be at their most productive.

Nightmares and Dreamscapes: The Most Fantastic Landscapes in Gaming

Those of us lucky enough to remember the advent of 3D games have witnessed a meteoric rise in graphical fidelity. Remarkably sophisticated graphical rendering is now quite unremarkable. We’re used to games looking good.

However, while any reasonably skilled developer can put together a game with good graphics, it takes a very talented team to produce an immersive, living, breathing landscape. The following games are the ones that make you want to occasionally stop and just take the world in.

God of War (PS4)

This reboot of the legendary game series sees Kratos abandoning Mt Olympus and Greek mythology, in favor of the Norse realms. From the game’s central hub of Midgard to the fires of Nifelheim and the land of the giants – Jotunheim – every area has been crafted to perfection. This is a fantasy world which is easy to lose yourself in. Of course, the game’s fantastic combat system and gripping storytelling helps, but much of the praise must also be directed towards the art team, who have created a believable and engrossing version of Midgard.

Far Cry 5

Far Cry has always been something of a standard setter when it comes to open worlds. Far Cry 2 was a very bold step for the series to take and while the result wasn’t to everyone’s liking, it demonstrated the embryonic stages of many of the series’ defining features. Now, a decade on, the series has found its groove and is consistently wowing its audience.

Far Cry 5 improves on its predecessors in every way, but not least of all in its world design. Set in Montana, players take on the role of a government agent charged with bringing down an evangelical cult. Whether you choose to traverse the map on foot, dipping in and out of the game’s many forested areas to hunt deer and avoid patrols, in a car, in a plane, or even a boat, no matter what angle you look at the map from, it is gorgeous.

Not only does it have impressive graphical fidelity, the world is full of stuff to find and do, making exploring its depths all the more rewarding.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Sick of hearing about Skyrim yet? Since its initial release and subsequent re-releases, Skyrim has become the golden standard for RPGs and open world games everywhere. Skyrim’s fantastic landscapes are even more fantastic on PC, where mods allow users to further enhance the game’s graphics. As Skyrim ages, these mods can breathe new life into the game. Combined with a decent pair of headphones and one of the best PC gaming chairs for the money you have to spend, you will have one of the greatest experiences any game can provide.

TES 4: Oblivion – Shivering Isles Expansion

Before Skyrim, there was Oblivion. Sure, the main game had, like Skyrim, a detailed world that was ahead of its time. However, it was the surprisingly psychedelic experience of playing The Shivering Isles expansion pack where the creator’s originality really shone. The map is divided into a light half and a dark half. The lighter half is an Alice in Wonderland-style fantasy land, bathed in eternal sunlight. The other half is a nightmare world of perpetual darkness. Nothing before or since has come close to the Shivering Isles in terms of uniqueness.

Of course, there are many other games out there with breathtaking visuals. The above titles aren’t just eye candy – they are also immersive games that are well worth your time.

What the Gaming Industry Can Teach Technology About the Ultimate in UX

In 2017, the global gaming industry earned an amazing $108.9 billion, and 2018 appears as though worldwide figures will top the previous year’s historic high. Although that isn’t the biggest industry in the world, it is an industry 100% reliant on the user experience, UX, and this is why any company seeking to capture an audience would do well to learn how gaming sets the stage for the ultimate in UX within the field of technology. There are, in fact, three key areas in gaming which are of vital importance to gamers and that would be graphics, sound, and speed. If you take a closer look at each of those components, you will see how any tech-related marketing could use this approach.

The Importance of UX to Google

Just a few short years ago, Google put into play a whole new set of algorithms based on the UX. Mobilegeddon was Google’s response to making the Internet user-friendly to a highly mobile audience. Since most people now access the Internet from mobile devices, Google decided only to globally rank those sites which were responsive. Any website looking to capture a mobile market would need to provide a site which could be viewed and easily accessed by even the tiniest of screens in order to be listed in the Mobile SERPs. When mobile phones and other devices are reviewed on sites like digitizd, you can be sure the UX will be highly dependent on a mobile experience as well. Bear in mind that gamers aren’t always at home in front of a console and so games must be developed which can also be played easily while mobile.

How Does Sound Factor In?

When at home, the one thing gamers will always have is a set of top-rated surround sound speakers for their PC. What good is an action game without all the sounds that give it a lifelike quality? All the tires screeching, the horns blaring, the bombs exploding and the warriors clashing steel on steel provide a more realistic UX. Unfortunately, the lack of high-quality sound can be a death sentence to an otherwise superior game. Here again, reviews on sites like speakerxpert can allow gamers to find the best set of speakers for gaming and designed in such a way as to avoid distortion.

Speed and Response Times in Technology

Just as in the world of gaming, a hi-tech app should have superior speed and response times. Any amount of lag will affect how the app is viewed. Today’s consumer wants lightning-fast speed and is willing to pay a premium price for games and apps that perform to their expectations. Along with cool graphics and amazing sound bites, a marketing app that includes high-speed technology is going to own that respective market. It’s altogether too easy to lose a visitor if they can’t access what they want within milliseconds. This is the ultimate reason behind most instances of shopping cart abandonment and one you can easily remedy by giving users a fast and friendly experience they have come to expect.

When it comes to marketing any kind of product or service whatsoever, technology will be at the heart of your strategy. From apps designed to elicit responses from the audience (engagement) to online video demos, the success of any marketing campaign will be dependent on the use of technology. With that in mind, marketing technology would do well to model itself after the world of gaming. It’s all about UX and who better to set the stage than game developers? They know what it takes to captivate an audience and that’s how marketing should utilize technology to capture and retain today’s consumer.


Best RPG Games you can Play

Have you ever wished you were someone else at least for a day? Well, you can make that dream come true by playing your favourite role play games. RPG games are some of the best places for you to explore and be whoever you want. Be it exploring stories or making tales of our own, RPG games brings you to a world of adventure and entertainment. So hop on board as it is time to look at all the RPG games you can be playing right now. Our team has compiled some of the best RPG games and check out all of them so that you don’t miss out on any good ones.

The Witcher 3:

The Witcher 3 is one of the best RPG games out there. It is something which anyone would play for hours and hours. The game has a lot of engaging content, and you also get to play a variety of roles. The monster hunter role makes you feel like a wandering samurai. The game allows you to either forward the quest and save the land or offer services for dealing with monsters. The game is filled with magic portions and superhuman skills which can be used as per your play style. The combat in the Witcher 3 is also brilliant, and you will be facing so many adventures as you play.



Pillars of Eternity:

Pillars of eternity is one exceptional RPG game. The game has brilliant writing, and you have all sorts of adventure added to it. Every single part of the game is crafted with so much care and detail. The gameplay includes religion, class warfare, philosophy, combat etc. Ever single region you see in the map is filled with problems for you to solve and you will have all sorts of adventures which will thrill you.

Runescape 3:

The game is extremely simple and has great accessibility. You get, and you are also provided with quality voice dialogue. The game is available in both paid and free version. Most of the great content is hidden behind the paid content, but the free content is also engaging and fun to play. The combat in the game is quite humorous, and you also have lots of adventures.


Persona 5:

Persona 5 is a brilliant RPG game, and the story is based in the city of Tokyo. You have the play the role of a high school student. You will find yourself as a part of the phantom thieves where you will have to infiltrate dungeons to corrupt a person’s heart. The game, however, isn’t all about dungeons. You being a high school student have to attend classes, hang out with friends and also have a part-time job. The city of Tokyo which is shown in the game quite realistic and it clearly depicts how a metropolitan world would be.

The Great Whale Road Game Review

The Great Whale Road is a story-driven adventure, and you start the game by being elected as the chief of your clan. All the people in your clan get killed by the enemy, and during a visit to the pilgrimage the chief warriors are attacked and killed. Thus you are the one who is left to save the rest of the people and also build an army to fight back and avenge the dead.  Being the chief of your clan, you need to focus on rebuilding your clan. Your job is to gather the warriors and avenge your people.

Story driven:

During the game, you can visit various towns, and you can watch your warriors rowing and travelling on the boat. The game has a well-written story, the characters have a great personality, and there are also choices you will have to make in the game for which you will have to face the consequences.

Simple and limited Gameplay:

Overall, the game has a very simple premise, and it is also very simple mechanically. It is one of those games where it is more about the story and not about the gameplay. The gameplay is quite limiting, which gives it minus points. You will have to manage your clan; you can go to different towns and buy or sell things from there. As the chief, it is your responsibility to make sure that the village survives the winter.




The gameplay includes managing the clan, travelling and combat. But on the whole, the gameplay does not have enough depth. One of the main reasons behind this is because you do not have many choices for weapons and armours. You also don’t have animations, so you basically have static images fighting against each other which make it boring, and it is not something which an RPG player would be looking for.

In the game, you are not allowed to navigate anywhere you like; you will only have the follow the storyline. So basically it is more like watching the story unfold instead of you being able to engage in the game actively.

The game is executed well, but there is not just enough in this game. Be it in the resource management or the combat skills or weapons, there is not enough, and this leaves you wanting for more. The game has a great story, and if you are a person who is more interested in the story than the gameplay, The Great Whale Road is the one for you.





The Great Whale Road is a god game if you have the patience to go with the flow of the story. The gameplay does include village management, combat, warriors, weapons, travel etc. but when you look at the final product, it does not easily excite a regular RPG game player.

January Development Update

February is nearly upon us, thus it is time to reflect on the start of 2016.  So while I was busy with exciting tasks like updating the budget our artists took our character art to the next level. A few of you mentioned that you weren’t overly keen on the flat character tokens, so we changed that.

It only took around a week for the team to update the existing characters. Some of them underwent bigger changes than others, as we had to change poses and align the height across all of them.

The new miniature style tokens are slightly less detailed than the previous ones, and we will supplement them with detailed character portraits on management screens and cards.

After we had redone the characters for the combat scenes, we spent the last 2 weeks in pre-production.  There were designs to complete and review, and we had to make a lot of decisions around how we will represent travel and exploration in the game. As most of you will know, we weren’t successful on Kickstarter. This means that we have to make the most of our existing funds, and we had to find creative solutions to achieve the same results at a lower cost. And I think we are on track to achieve that.

But we still need more manpower, and our third developer will start on the first of February. In the meantime our tool development team of one has completed our data management client for our designer. We are looking forward to his tears of joy when he no longer has to edit raw JSON files.

Next week we’ll start our first production sprint of 2016, and to streamline our processes we have started using Assembla. The aim is to mature our workflows to ensure we are prepared for Early Access and increased demand on our small team.

The New Design

The dark UI of option three was our favourite, but we didn’t want pop-ups and other UI elements to block out the respective scenes. This led us to the final design with transparent windows, which you can see below:


We continue to use historical patterns and we also replaced some of the straight lines for a more organic look & feel. Additionally we are adding illustrations to all the transition screens, which will follow the same design guidelines as the user interface.

We really think that the new UI and other elements we are working on are coming together nicely, and we are as always looking forward to your feedback.